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Jonathan Watson

Jonathan Watson

    • 5 Reasons Why Too Much Social Media Is Bad For Teens

      When kids ask their parents to buy them smartphones, mom and dad usually feel like they have no choice but to...

      Interesting StuffJonathan WatsonOctober 28, 2019
    • Constantly Overthinking? These Clever Tips Could Help You  

        The human brain is highly complex; so-much-so that even scientists haven’t managed yet to crack its code. For people who...

      TipsJonathan WatsonSeptember 9, 2019
    • The Health Benefits of Chocolate

      When most people think about the benefits of chocolate, it’s usually the taste that jumps to mind first, but you might...

      FoodJonathan WatsonSeptember 3, 2019
    • Help Save the Planet by Not Buying These 6 Items

      More and more people are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint as we become aware of our impact on...

      Interesting StuffJonathan WatsonJuly 27, 2019