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5 Vital Activities That Kids In Quarantine Can Do At Home

During these troubled times, as the coronavirus pandemic spreads rapidly across the world, one of the worst affected members of society are children. Going to school and sticking to a routine is vital for kids, so imagine how they feel as they see the world around them in panic.

Kids have been saying those fateful words (I’m bored!) for many years, but now they may actually have a point. While most parents simply turn on the TV or banish their kids to the sofa for some quality time with their Playstation when their children are bored, today’s reality is rapidly changing. With the sudden spread of the coronavirus across most of the world, millions of school kids are sitting at home trying to make sense of the whole thing. With many of those minors in quarantine as well as off school, being too bored at home is no longer an option. Here are five of the most important activities kids can do at home to ward off the boredom and keep their body and mind active and engaged.

Morning Stretch

For children spending extended periods at home due to the coronavirus, exercise needs to be a vital part of every day. The best time to exercise is in the morning, first thing, or after breakfast. As well as remaining in optimal health, exercise helps kids to release pent up energy and frustration, and that’s important due to the fears instilled by the new pandemic. Begin with some stretches, followed by some cardio work like running or short sprints. The front or back yard is perfect if the weather is fair.

Healthy Diet

After than morning stretch, it’s time for a balanced, healthy, and satisfying breakfast. A bowl of fruity pebbles is acceptable sometimes, especially if your little one will burn it off at school before long. However, children in quarantine need to eat healthy food, and there’s no room for sugar-packed cereals. Every parent knows it’s hard, but a change in routine could be the perfect opportunity to implement new, healthier eating habits. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, juices, smoothies, and nutritious snacks should become part of the new routine, within reason. 

Stimulated Mind 

Sorry kids, five hours on your smartphone or Xbox console doesn’t count as brain stimulation. There’s no doubt mom will let you play your favorite game for an hour later; after you’ve completed your chores and learned something useful. No one wants to come across as harsh, but now’s the time to step up and feed your brain. Read a book from school, do a math quiz, or brush up on your geography. The truth is that it really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re stimulating that incredible brain of yours and keeping it working at full capacity.

Stay Connected

Being home alone in forced quarantine no matter what form it takes is hard for children, let alone adults and parents. These days, as well as Skype and What’s App, there are some fantastic platforms such as Zoom, which can be used to teach whole classes of students. Many schools offer some kind of online learning for students in quarantine, but keeping in touch with teachers, friends, and family is equally important. Send a text message or a cute emoji and tell the people you care for that you’re okay. 

Play Hard

No one’s trying to ruin the fun as being in quarantine is a challenging thing to go through, whether you’re aged three, six, or thirteen. When you’ve taken care of the other important stuff as listed above, it’s time to play and to enjoy playtime to the full. You can hit the Playstation if you want, skate in the yard or play some board games with your siblings. It’s so important to stay positive and in a happy state of mind when you have to stay home for long periods. Find time to do what makes you feel the happiest and don’t be shy to tell your parents or other family members that loudly and clearly. 

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