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5 Top Grooming Tips Every Real Man Needs

There’s no shame in being a tidy and well-groomed man. There’s even a name for it, as men who go that extra mile to take care of their appearance are commonly referred to as ‘Metrosexual’. Men have an easier time of things when it comes to grooming than the fairer of the species, but many are undereducated about the finer details of male grooming.

The first point to make is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on grooming products. There’s no need to, as long as you know what you need in your repertoire and what you don’t. Commercials are packed full when it comes to beauty products for women but not so much for male grooming. The good news is that many men can look their best without breaking the bank and with minimal effort. Following a few basic rules is the key to grooming success, as well as having a correctly stocked bathroom cabinet. These five top grooming tips for men are an excellent start for those new to the endeavor, and even for those who are old hat.

Go All the Way

For whatever reasons, in the era in which we live, shaved heads are fashionable, and bald men are apparently more attractive to women (and other men) than ever before. As we enter 2020, some men are tired of fretting over their baldness and have decided instead to embrace it. Instead of overthinking it and spending a fortune at the barbershop, some guys shave their faces in the morning and then their heads. Various surveys have found that more and more women prefer a man with a shaved head, although there will always be those who like their man to have a full head of hair. However, if a bald head suits you, it’s a great way to live minimally and efficiently and will save big bucks, especially in the long run. 

Skincare Regime

Taking care of skin isn’t just something for girls. Men need to make sure they choose the right regime and the correct products for them, without spending a small fortune. Skincare includes face, body, hands, and feet and is something worth being disciplined about even if it’s new and a little out of your comfort zone. Using a face scrub once a week is a great way to keep skin looking young and feeling great. Use a simple, fragrance-free hand cream daily, and don’t forget about your feet. Obviously, well-groomed finger and toenails are part and parcel and time should be dedicated regularly to ensure you’re at your best. 

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Shiny Whites

One of the most important things when it comes to male grooming is teeth. Yellow or decayed teeth, not to mention smelly breath, is a huge turn off for most women and an even bigger red flag. The first, and possibly most important tip for today is to make sure your teeth are looking good. One suggestion is to invest in a good quality electric toothbrush to make you shine when you need it most. According to research, electric brushes that rotate can remove up to 11 percent more plaque than manual brushing and can reduce gum disease too. A hearty swig of a strong antiseptic mouthwash is also a good idea and will keep your breath smelling fresh all day.

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Scent of a Man

Getting your aftershave or cologne just right is an art that takes some men many years (or even decades) to master. While aftershave isn’t cheap, there are also so many to choose from that it can become confusing. There are also some rules to follow to ensure you keep on the right side of the very fine line between smelling great and smelling like your grandad. You don’t want to choose an overpowering scent, but you do want to opt for a smell that lasts and remains with you all day. There’s a certain amount of trial and error when it comes to finding the right scent for you. However, we recommend you start with something musky and manly and try to avoid “unisex” fragrances that are increasingly popular these days.

To Beard or Not to Beard? 

Beards are a controversial topic for many people, and that includes both men and women. Interestingly, until just around 100 years ago, most men around the world word beards. Beards have always been considered manly, and despite being itchy (and sometimes unhygienic), facial hair is usually a big hit with the ladies. Beards are trendy and cool, and there’s no denying that. If you look good with a beard and decide to grow one out, make sure you regularly trim as few things look worse than an unkempt beard. You’ll need to either invest in a good quality beard trimmer or to make sure you visit your barber regularly for that all-important trim.

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