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Can a CBD Bracelet Really Do All That? This is How Cannabidiol Improves Lives!

(advertorial) The success stories we’ve heard about GoTanka CBD Bracelet have astounded us. CBD is a plant compound that has shown to help with mental clarity, productivity, peace of mind, a stronger immune system, pain relief, and so much more. The research supporting CBD’s many positive factors is piling high, and a recent study shows that people tend to drop their traditional medicine once they experience its benefits.

While the legality of medical marijuana is still under question, CBD hemp oil is a safe, legal go-to. Unless of course, you ask the DEA. Cannabinoidal (CBD) is the non-psychoactive compound found in both hemp and marijuana that is responsible for communicating with our own endocannabinoid system, which in turn promotes many health benefits. All sorts of people with various ailments, from athletes to senior citizens, are reporting transformational CBD stories of success.

The market is now flooded with CBD brands. But the quality and source of the herb, the extraction methods used, and the bioavailability of the compound are some crucial factors that affect the healing potential of your CBD. Many users have tried other brands before sticking to the GoTanka bracelet.

Let’s take a look at these four accounts from people all across the USA who are reporting stories of success using GoTanka bracelet:

Eric L., Georgia

Chronic pain & kidney cancer

Eric lived up his twenties riding dirt bikes and motorbikes, water skiing, skiing, and engaging in other high-thrill sports. But, like many extreme sports enthusiasts, Eric got beat up—a lot. He injured his posterior knee on his right leg and had to go in for surgery and take painkillers for a short while. In his 30s, Eric suffered a compound fracture and broken left ankle. A few years later, he broke some ribs. With each injury, he took pain meds, but he says he never got addicted to them.

In his 40s, Eric started suffering from major back problems. He went in for an MRI, which showed that he had seven bad disks from his neck down to his spine. A pain clinic performed radiofrequency ablation on him, a procedure that involves burning his nerves. They also put him on extensive painkillers: four doses of Oratab (opiates) which is hydrocodone and 10mg/500mg acetaminophen. He took this concoction for eight years straight before switching to four doses of hydrocodone bitartrate, 7.5mg/325mg acetaminophen per day. Such a heavy dose of opioids is often linked to negative side effects, such as opioid-induced bowel dysfunction (OIBD), with all sorts of lovely gastrointestinal issues.
By managing the pain, the opioids enabled him to continue working as a commercial/ industrial electrician. But the more he went to the pain clinic, the more he got turned off by the people.


Eric says he could tell they didn’t really care about him and his wellbeing. Instead, he felt they were just trying to push the painkillers that the pharmaceuticals sold.
In November 2016, Eric decided he wanted to try to get off painkillers while he was on a vacation. A friend got him a THC concentrate, which he vaped. “The THC helped with the opioid withdrawal symptoms, but not with the pain. That’s when I started doing research on CBD. I looked it up online and the first thing I found was the GoTanka CBD bracelet. And I just had a sense I had to get that”.

Eric is now in his late 50s. The week before he received the delivery, Eric got the flu. A trip to the doctor revealed he had he had a four-centimeter tumor in one of his kidneys and the vein going into it was twice the size it should’ve been.
Eric’s not entirely sure what the full diagnosis on the tumor is. “It’s been a roller coaster, but honestly, CBD makes me feel fantastic. I don’t feel the kidney pain at all. I feel great.”
His joint and muscle pain also was severely reduced thanks to the CBD—so much so that he weaned himself down from four to only one and a half pills a day. He would take himself totally off of it, but he’s trying to healthily cut back since coming off opioids too quickly might mess with his serotonin levels.
Although it’s only been a short time since Eric began taking CBD, he’s already reaping numerous health benefits.

Eric is taking small steps to improve his health in other ways as well. He started eating according to the laws of the Old Testament, in Leviticus, and drinks nothing but water. “Everything on this earth is here to heal us. We have so much poison from all the toxins. I’m not where I should be with my health, but I’m a lot better than I was.

Glenn, Army Retiree

Diabetes, Anxiety, PTSD

Glenn, who spent the majority of his adult life serving as a pilot and logistician in the US Army, suffers from diabetes, edema in his extremities, anxiety, hypertension, and high blood pressure—not to mention PTSD from combat deployments. “I had a challenge with stress and flare-ups with my kids and spouse. It usually happens around people I know, because I feel more comfortable to let out all the stress.”

Glenn has a large family with several children and grandchildren, so his house is often very busy.
“I was about 50 when I retired from the military. I couldn’t complain while I was still active, but when I got off, I told them about my chronic conditions and they gave me all sorts of drugs. I was taking 5-7 drugs; one for blood pressure, another for anxiety, another for diabetes, and more for edema, anxiety, etc. I took them for short while and felt they were just masking the issues and not really healing me. I expected the miracle cure from taking the right drugs, but that’s not what they do.”

Glenn and his family only became aware of holistic alternatives when his wife decided to make their kitchen food-coloring free. “That afternoon, we could see the difference in my daughter, a smart, lively girl who was diagnosed with ADHD. So then my wife took out all preservatives from the kitchen, and she started cooking her own bread and all that. Then we got on the train with essential oils. Next, my wife decided to try 40 days of a sugar-free, gluten-free lifestyle, and she got rid of headaches, acne, and other issues.”

That’s when Glenn started looking into CBD for his health issues. He said “to heck with all the pharmaceuticals” and put his bag of drugs under the sink. “That’s when I started reading about CBD.” CBD seemed like a real high-quality supplement, so he decided to give GoTanka a try, despite the fact that there are many other vendors.
“Within no more than a few minutes I feel a lot more at ease with myself and others around me. I used to have to leave the room whenever my grandchildren were over, because the extra commotion raised the ante and made me more anxious—and now I can put up with more anxiety and stress. I can actually enjoy the situation and the time with my family.
“It’s a natural cure. It has relieved my PTSD issues, swelling, and some of the diabetes effects I was suffering from. It puts me at ease, and it gives me a deep sense of peace.”

Daphne H., Wisconsin

Chronic back pain and loss of appetite

Daphne, 38-year-old, has been suffering from chronic back pain for 3 years. Due to the pain, she lost her appetite. “It’s really hard when you’re just looking at food and you want to eat it but you can’t. You’re losing weight and getting weak, but there is just nothing you can do.”

Daphne was on Fentanyl patches for her back, which is an opioid with side effects that included gastrointestinal issues, lightheadedness, dizziness, headaches, and more. Often, when she experiences acute pain, doctors put her on “breakthrough medication,” which is the application of an opioid (5 to 20 percent of the dose patients usually take to manage their pain) that goes to work quickly and lasts for a short period of time. “I was taking those things for so long that my body was just used to them.”

Faced with the reality that her meds no longer provided her with relief, Daphne got her first delivery Tanka Bracelet in July 2019. “I noticed the same effect. It gave me an appetite, and it also gives me a sense of better well being. With less pain and more energy from the food, I’m more productive.”

GO TANKA – An Enhanced Quality of Life

Proprietary slow-release CBD Bracelet containing Organic Hemp and Zero THC for hassle-free, therapeutic relief and healthy living.


The Tanka CBD Bracelet is an innovation utilizing patented cutting-edge technology, that enables the absorption of CBD through the skin. The finest quality CBD contained inside the Tanka Bracelet is released gradually but continuously, offering relief for some people from conditions such as inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia.

Disclaimer – Content in this article is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.


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