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5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Choosing Not To Have Kids

The trials and tribulations of parenthood are considered par for the course by most when it comes to having kids. With that said, there are reasons why so many Millennials are opting out of parenthood and following their dreams.

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The survival of the human species isn’t exactly a priority for most Millennials. That’s evidenced by the fact that the number of children born in the USA is currently at its lowest level in more than three decades. That’s terrible news, and the truth is that the decrease is mostly down to Millennials and their attitudes to having kids. We’re taking a look at five reasons why Millennials are opting out of parenthood.

Cost of Living

These days life is expensive, especially in the west. With all the best will in the world, some Millennials simply feel like they can’t afford to have kids, and they probably aren’t that far off the mark. Sure, with enough sacrifice having kids is an option. However, many Millennials have been raised to believe that they’re at the center of the world, and kids are nothing but an annoyance, especially financially. Many Millennials battle daily to pay off their college loans, and that fact means they can’t realistically entertain the option of the kids, or so they assume.

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Priorities Changing

The modern world is full of innovations and new ideas that bombard most of us daily. Whether it’s adverts for the latest and greatest Smartphone or social media posts that need to be followed or liked, the last thing on most Millennials’ minds is having kids. Many younger people want to travel the world and see the sights. However, in order to do that, they need to save up for a long time, even years to make such a trip happen. Those who are “child-free by choice” claim to know what they’re doing and are in no hurry to hear the patter of little feet. These days, peoples’ priorities are changing, and that change needs to be understood and managed correctly.

Career Focus 

Many Millennials love kids, at least according to surveys which have been carried out in recent years. For example, while some Millennials choose not to have kids, they choose careers that require them to be involved with children in one way or another. Some Millennials love kids and make great aunts and uncles’ even if they don’t want little ones of their own. It doesn’t stand to reason that Millennials mysteriously dislike children, even if they make a life choice not to have them. It’s also worth mentioning that Millennials reserve the right to have kids later in life, even if they have no plans to have any at the moment.

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No Regrets

For the most part, Millennials claim to have zero regrets when it comes to the decision not to have kids. Obviously, these people need to be asked the question about kids again later in life, but most Millennials feel confident with their choices and don’t waste a bunch of time second-guessing themselves. There’s little choice other than to accept the reality that Millennials have chosen for themselves. At the same time, it’s worth trying to support their decision and not to fight against it. In that way, everyone loses.

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Feeling Fulfilled

While parents feel their kids will miss out on life if they don’t have children of their own, Millennials feel precisely the same way about the sacrifices their parents made for them. And when it comes to the question of who will look after them in their old age, many Millennials have a backup plan, mainly in the form of money which they can use in retirement and not spend on their kids’ houses. With that said, many Millennials  report feelings of fulfillment in life from their endeavors and don’t feel that having kids would bring anything to the table. On the other hand, Millennials are unfamiliar with the special feelings of pride one gets from their kids, and in that regard, they cannot argue the other side of the coin conclusively.

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