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5 Ingenious Tips For Saving Space At Home

For those living in big cities, space is of the essence, and even just a few inches pinched from here or there can make a massive difference to your quality of life.


These days, many young couples can hardly afford the monthly rent, let alone the ability to buy a home of their own. Especially in large cities, people have to settle for less space at home, and that means they need to be inventive and creative when it comes to saving space.

Thankfully, there are some great space-saving tips one can incorporate that ease the space issue, and while some ideas are common-sense, some are pure genius.


By Hook or By Crook


One of the best pieces of advice for anyone struggling for space at home is to install as many hooks as possible (without it looking weird). Hooks are a great way of maximizing space, and that applies equally to the bathroom and the porch. The principle here is “what goes up usually stays up.” As long as you use strong hooks which are installed professionally (metal are better than plastic), you’re good to go. Hooks are great for hats, coats, and umbrellas in the wintertime, but equally useful for handbags, laptop bags, and headphones. Hooks give you tons more floor space as well as the opportunity to store way more items in a room. Just make sure they are firm to the wall and able to take the weight.


hooks on wall

Folding Furniture


Various great options exist when it comes to using folding or multi-purpose furniture in a small apartment. When it comes to studio apartments, folding beds can transform a living room into a bedroom in seconds. Folding sofas which double up as beds are also an excellent idea for, particularly cramped spaces. There are also more complex systems which raise the bed to the ceiling and have a built-in sofa, (like the BedUp made by Décadrages). When shopping for furniture, always make sure you’ve measured up space in advance and try to opt for smaller rather than bigger when it comes to things like tables, chairs, and coffee tables.

folding furniture

Box Clever 


Storage boxes are also a great way to save space at home, especially in a cramped apartment. A lot of clothes, bed linen, towels, and other similar items can be stored inside boxes, especially if they’re vacuum-sealed in special bags. Always ensure your boxes are sturdy and robust and if stored in an outside area, they’ll also need to be waterproof. It’s also advisable to store boxes high up (like in a bedroom wardrobe or attic space.) Small holes in boxes – especially if items are being stored long-term or in a damp or hot place – are also a great idea to keep your belongings ventilated.


Staircase Storage


For those living in duplexes or small houses, that space under the stairs is prime real estate that shouldn’t be ignored. Some internal staircases have a small room already built-in. There are some fantastic systems available like those from a company called Schema, which create built-in wooden cupboards under the stairs, featuring an alternating-tread staircase with a wall of wardrobes. If you have metal (or in some cases even wooden) banisters or rails, there are specially-designed storage holders that attach to them, making the dead space on the other side of the rail alive again.


Take Away Tip


No matter which of the above options you choose, just ensure that you tailor it to meet your needs specifically. Furniture’s generally costly (especially if purchased new), and there’s little room for returning items that have been unboxed or built. Try to figure out where the dead spaces in your apartment are and invest some time and money into filling them appropriately and cleverly. Also, don’t forget about that space under the bed (or beds) and as a last resort, there’s always the garage.


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