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3 Top Tips Every Girl Needs To Keep Her Man Forever

While many girls assume that their man only gets turned on in the bedroom, nothing could be further from the truth. Hot sex in the bedroom starts with plenty of the right kind of foreplay throughout the day, and if done right, any girl can keep her man forever. 

Hollywood movies often portray sex and sensuality as something that only happens in the bedroom. However, there’s layer upon layer of subtle suggestion and innuendo that any girl can use to make sure her man wants her and nobody else. In fact, some of the best and most effective ways of turning your man on are by getting under his skin and into his mind before you even think about unbuttoning his pants.

The good news is that many men are simple enough to figure out when it comes to sex, and once you get into their brain in the right way, half the job’s already done. If you want your man to be yours forever, secure in the knowledge that he thinks you’re hotter than any girl in the world, we have three great tips for you.

Let Eyes Wander

Let’s start with an important question. Do you really think it makes your bo hot for you when you watch his eyes when out in public to make sure he isn’t checking out other girls? Imagine what would happen if you not only ignored it but even encouraged it?! Society tells people that if they’re in love, they can only have eyes for one person at a time. However, that’s not natural as human beings are created to find certain things in certain people attractive (or ugly). Imagine how unique a girlfriend you’d be if you said to your man, while out at the bowling alley: “Hey bo, look at that girl over there, don’t you think she’s really cute?” As long as your man trusts you and doesn’t think you’re trying to lure him into a trap of some kind, he’ll appreciate your gesture, and that can ensure you get all his “private time” all for yourself.

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Pay Some Compliments

We already know that men are the ones supposed to be paying all the compliments (as well as telling girls how amazing they look and how awesome they are). But sometimes, a compliment paid to your man at the right time and about the right thing (or things) can go a very long way. First, ask yourself what you really love about your man and what makes him so special to you. Then, just make a mental note (or even better write some down) of the things you love about him. Many men aren’t as tough and resilient as they make out to be. Always remember that buried underneath all that male bravado and pride there’s a sensitive little boy too, and he needs your encouragement. Some timely compliments, just when he’s least expecting them is the best way forward. Also, try to stay away from shallow compliments like “nice sneakers” or “cool haircut.” Try to go more with something like “You know you’re the best looking guy in this room, right?” or “Did you know that every time you look at me I melt, in a good way.”

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Give Him Space

It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but tip 3 is one of the most vital if you want things to last long-term with your man. All people need space but guys, in particular, can’t feel like they’re being smothered. Maybe your mom smothered your father in some ways, and so you think it’s normal to do the same. But smothering and too much of the wrong kind of attention puts guys off and is one of the main reasons why they walk. The best thing is to be upfront (besides a girl needs time to herself) and tell him that twice a week – at least – you won’t be seeing him. Keep some mystery about your time spent without him and leave him curious as to what you’re up to. Assuming the trust is there, and he knows for sure you’d never cheat on him, tell him you’re out with your girls having cocktails and will text him later.

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