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The Health Benefits of Chocolate

When most people think about the benefits of chocolate, it’s usually the taste that jumps to mind first, but you might be pleasantly surprised that this is not the only benefit of this delicious treat. Chocolate is not just a tasty delicacy – it also offers some really great health benefits.

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Preventing Stoke and Caring for Your heart

One of the biggest benefits of chocolate is the fact that studies have shown you can lower the chances of having a stroke by 20% just by eating 45gr of chocolate each week. What is more, regularly snacking on chocolate has also been known to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and even boost the health of the heart. Studies have indicated that dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties and so by consuming it regularly, you could actually lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Keep in mind that its dark chocolate that is up to this task, not milk chocolate, so make sure you’re picking out the right bar the next time you’re at the store.

Weight Conscious

When it comes to keeping fit, eating chocolate is not always a bad thing. According to the experts, dark chocolate can actually help you to lose weight as it keeps you full for longer periods of time, allowing you to curb your snacking and drop pounds as a result. This is because this snack is packed full of fiber, which is also good for your digestion.

Curb the Coughing

If you have an irritating cough, you might want to consider exchanging the cough syrup for a bar of chocolate, as there is something within this tasty treat that apparently eases the need to cough. If nothing more, at least it’ll put a smile on your face while you struggle through the illness.



Overall Health and Well being

When it comes to caring for your skin, dark chocolate actually helps to protect you from the sun by blasting your system with anti-oxidants. Keep in mind that you still need to make sure you are protected by putting the appropriate sunscreen on when you’re out of the house. One of the biggest benefits of chocolate is the fact that it’s a known mood booster. This isn’t just due to the great taste of chocolate, but to the endorphins that are released when you eat it. This has been known to lower stress levels. What is more, research has shown that chocolate can even increase your intelligence – that is by increasing your alertness and helping you to score higher on numerical tasks.

What’s in a Bar?

Perhaps the reason chocolate has all these benefits is the fact that it’s made up of a range of minerals, including zinc, potassium and selenium. By eating a 100gr bar of as much as 70% of dark chocolate, you’ll be getting up to 67% of your daily recommended iron allowance.

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The next time you think twice about breaking open a delicious, decedent bar of chocolate, you might want to remind yourself of all the benefits of this tasty treat.

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