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Tips to Entertain Your Grandchildren on a Rainy Day

Rain can often call a halt to a great day outdoors, but just because it’s wet outside, that doesn’t mean your whole day has to go down in flames. A rainy day can actually be a great opportunity for you to spend some much-needed bonding time with your grandchildren – you just need to ensure that you know how to make the most of this opportunity. Remember, when it comes to turning a rainy day into an adventure-filled afternoon, a little creativity will often go a long way.


child holding paper heart


The Story Game

During a rainy day, one great way to pass the time is to create a story along with your grandchildren. All you need to do to get the story going is to pick a topic and then start off with a sentence. One by one, each player will add onto that sentence with their own, after recalling the previous sentences. This is a great way to get their creative juices flowing and ensure that you build on their natural love of stories and perhaps even storytelling. This will also test their memories, as it gets harder with every new sentence that is added onto the end.


Making Memories with a Scrapbook

Children are natural collectors, so why not give them a space to store the lovely memories of their childhoods? You can display everything from pictures from a magazine to small mementos gathered after a walk in the woods –  just make sure you have enough glue to hand and the sky is the limit!


Making Melodies

YouTube is filled with fun DIY videos for making musical instruments – why not give some of these a go and try your hand at forming your very own band?

diy musical instruments for kids


All Aboard for a Scavenger Hunt

All you need for a great scavenger hunt is a bit of creativity and some great hiding spots – if you have the whole house at your disposal, why not make the most of it? When it comes to hidden treasure, you don’t need to have anything flashy, just a few treats will often make for a great prize at the end. It’s up to you to decide how intricate you want your hunt to be – you could give them a few clues or create a whole map for them to discover.


Treasure Hunt


Get into Fashion

Start your own fashion show by raiding your closet and allowing your grandchildren to get creative with their “designs”.


kids fashion


Host a Puppet Show

Creating puppets is easy and simple – anything from socks to more intricate designs will do the trick. After you’ve spent some time creating the characters, your grandchildren can have fun creating storylines and performing them for each other.


puppet show dog


The Possibilities of a Cardboard Box

A cardboard box can be a home, post box or even a spaceship and what’s more, they’re easy to get hold of and fun to decorate.


making cardboxes


Spread the Love

Teach your grandchildren to spread joy by writing greeting cards and then handing them out at nursing homes or other institutions.

Spending a day inside can be fun and exciting when you know how to pass the time. Make every day count with your grandchildren, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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