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Three Tips that Will Help You Dress For an Unforgettable First Date

Dressing for a first date can be a very stressful experience. Choosing the right outfit can be really tough when you’re not sure what your date is going to wear – or where you’re going exactly. In order for you to be able to pick out an appropriate outfit, it can be really useful to start off with asking your date what sort of activity they have in mind or what type of restaurant they have book. This will stop you from showing up to a bowling alley in formal attire and help you to pick out items that will help you to put your best foot forward from the moment your special night begins.

The Location

The location is perhaps the most important thing you need to know before you choose your outfit for that first date. This will determine whether you dress in comfortable shoes, something more formal, or even something that will protect you from the cold. If your date wants the location to be a surprise, it can be useful to ask them to let you know what you should wear. It can also be helpful if they let you know whether the date will be taking place outside or inside.

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Choosing your Attire

Once you know what type of clothing you need to wear, the next step will be actually picking out those items that will help you to look – and feel – your best on your big day. If you’re off to a local bar, something more comfortable could be appropriate, like jeans and a nice top. If you’re going out to a fine dining establishment, your outfit should match the occasion, so you might be looking at wearing heels and a nice dress – that’s if dresses are your thing.

It’s important to remember that your outfit is just another chance to show your date a side of your personality that they haven’t seen before. Being comfortable with what you are wearing will ensure that you’re your best self and that you don’t spend the rest of the night wishing you were at home, curled up on the couch with a good book.

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Speak Up

Lastly, if you are still not sure what you should be wearing, just ask your date about what they are going to wear. Matching your attire to the attire of your date will ensure that you are best suited to the venue you will be visiting, and it will likely make both of you feel more comfortable. There are few things worse than showing up to a date dressed very casually, only to find that your date is wearing formal attire.


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Getting dressed for a first date can be stressful but remember that it is also supposed to be part of the fun. If you’re spending so much time trying to decide what to wear that you forget what this process is all about – getting to know someone a bit better – then you are going to be losing out anyways.

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