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Live Like a Celebrity at their Favorite Airbnb

Celebrities often live lives that are as intriguing as they are mysterious and most people would love to live a day in the shoes of their favorite star. The good news is that this isn’t impossible when you know where to go – and it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of spare cash lying around. When it comes to spending the night in a celebrity’s shoes, you simply need to know which Airbnb they have previously called home for the night and book your own stay in one of these fabulous getaways.


Live Like Queen Bey For a Night

Back in 2016, Beyonce herself rented this gorgeous pad close to Levi’s Stadium so that she wouldn’t need to travel far when performing at the Super Bowl that year. Usually you can expect to pay about $10,000 for one night in this property but it has been reported than Queen Bey paid close to $50 million in rental fees. Since we couldn’t locate this rental on the website, it’s likely it isn’t available at present.

beyonce airbnb house


The Malibu Mansion

If you want to spend the night like Britney Spears, you’d do worse than booking out the Malibu mansion she called home for Valentine’s Day back in 2017. Perhaps the best thing about this gorgeous home is the fact that it comes with an unobstructed view of the ocean, where you can enjoy the sights of your friendly neighborhood dolphins from the comfort of your front porch. You should expect to pay for the privilege, however, as it comes with a price tag of $7,705 a night. At present, this listing is no longer on the Airbnb website.

The Malibu Mansion airbnb - Britney spears


Live Like Ariana Grande for the Night

Ariana Grande has achieved a lot in her short time on earth. Not only has she topped charts throughout the world, but she has also advocated for mental health. If you’re looking to live like this fabulous diva for a night, you can do just that by following in her footsteps – right into this mansion in Colorado. The home comes complete with a bowling alley and an indoor pool – but it doesn’t come cheap at $10,000 per night.


Ariana Grande mansion in Colorado

ariana grande mansion in Colorado


The Gaga Getaway

Lady Gaga doesn’t do anything in half measures, including her holidays. When she recently attended Coachella, she ensured that she lived in style by renting out an enormous desert home, complete with spa and pool. This property comes with a shocking price tag of $10,000 per night, but rumor has it that during Coachella, this price can rocket right up to $60,000 for a single night. Located between La Quinta and Palm Springs, this mansion was even featured in the popular Architectural Digest.

Lady Gaga airbnb mansion

Lady Gaga airbnb mansion


While it’s likely any one of us would jump at the chance to spend a night in one of these gorgeous properties, only a handful of us would be able to afford such a privilege. Still, it’s nice to dream of the possibility of living like the rich and famous – even if just for a night.

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