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Uncovering the Lyrics Behind the Beatle’s Most Popular Hits

The Beatles are probably one of the most popular bands in the history of the world and for good reason – their songs still draw in fans of every generation. What makes their songs all the more intriguing is the exciting stories behind them and here are some of the best.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is perhaps one of their most famous songs and became popular the moment it was released back in the 60’s. Released on Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it was originally thought to be about drug use, but the truth is a little more innocent than that. It began the day that Lennon’s son – who was three years old at the time – came home to show him a picture he had drawn of his classmate called Lucy, stating that she was flying in the sky with diamonds. Lennon fell in love with the story and created the beloved song. Since then, it has continued to enthrall listeners around the globe.

beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

This song was originally recorded on the Abbey Road record and originates from a story about a Beatles fan called Diane Ashley, who attempted to climb in through the window of Paul McCartney. This just goes to show how far some of their fans were willing to go to get close to their idols.

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window beatles


Here Comes the Sun

This song was also recorded for the Abbey Road record by George Harrison. While this might sound like an upbeat and happy song, it also has some hidden messages within it. It was written at a time when Harrison was working through difficult feelings around the issues the band was facing at the time, including being arrested for drug possession. While walking through a garden, thinking about quitting the band and contemplating his feelings around the current events, the sun came out. The song was then written about that moment in time.

Beatles here comes the sun


Penny Lane

Penny Lane refers to a location within Liverpool, the hometown of the band. It was a bus terminal where McCartney and Lennon used to wait to get the bus on the way to visiting each other. McCartney explains that most of the things that they say they saw along the way were based on real things, which makes the song all the more intriguing.

beatles penny lane


Dear Prudence

It was in 1968 when the Beatles made the decision to visit India. This followed George Harrison’s interest in the location. A few friends’ of the band tagged along, including Mia Farrow and Prudence, her sister. Prudence spent a lot of time in her room because she was focused on the spiritual elements of the trip, including concentrating on her meditation and this is where the line “Dear Prudence won’t you come out to play?” came from.


Dear Prudence beatles


The Beatles’ songs continue to inspire people throughout the world and this ensures that their music will continue to live on, for many years to come.


imagine john lenon beatles

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