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How to Do Your Makeup Correctly

Most of us think of ourselves as pretty savvy with a makeup brush, but in truth, very few of us actually know what we’re doing when it comes to properly applying makeup. While you might be purchasing the very best products on the market – including top-end makeup and brushes – if you’re not applying it correctly, you’re not really making the most of these purchases. If you want to see whether you’re really doing your makeup correctly, you can compare your own routine with the right way of applying makeup.

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Start Off with a Primer

Before you put any makeup on your face, you need to start off with a good primer. This will “set the stage” for your artistic masterpiece. The right primer has been designed to reduce skin redness and ensure that your skin is smooth and ready for the application of your foundation.


First the Foundation, then the Concealer

Before applying any concealer to your face, you need to start off with the foundation. If you add concealer to your face first, you’ll end up rubbing it off once you add your foundation so be sure to do it in the correct order.


Bronzer Before Blush

If you want to add a bit of color to your cheeks, you first need to start with bronzer before you add the blush. Bronzer not only adds color to the face but it actually contours it. If you add it after you put on your blush, it will end up looking thick and blotchy. By adding bronzer first, you’ll also have a better idea about where to apply the blush.


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Start with the Eyebrows and then the Eye Makeup

If you’re leaving your eyebrows until last, you’re doing it all wrong. You need to make sure your eyebrows are perfect before you move onto the eye makeup as this will ensure that your face shape is perfectly defined. Start off by brushing them and then use a pencil to fill them in.


Completing the Eye Look

Once you have your eyebrows done, you’ll then want to move on to your eye-shadow before finishing up with eyeliner and then mascara. Trying to do this in another order will only cause you to smudge your makeup and no one wants that.


The Finishing Touch

To finish off the look, you’ll need to add the powder to your face. The powder soaks up the oil on your face and ensures that your makeup doesn’t run. Keep in mind that you can touch this up throughout the day – if you struggle with oily skin, it might be something you need to stay on top of.

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Your makeup routine will often define the quality of the outcome – and how good you feel throughout the day, so it’s worth putting in the time and effort to get it right. Remember, you are never too old or skilled to learn something new and you might be surprised at just how much of a difference a small change can make.

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