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The Five Top Mindfulness Apps on the Market

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Our phones can either contribute to our well being or hinder it – it all depends on how we put them to work for us. With that in mind, here are five of the best mindfulness apps on the market that you can use to improve your overall well being and ensure that you start – and end – every day on the best possible foot.

Mindfulness is not about stopping thoughts, whether they are negative or positive – but about managing our reaction to them. This aims to teach us to notice thoughts as they pass through our minds without pausing and ruminating on them – something that can cause us distress.

The right app offers daily routines that allow you to practice mindfulness and you can choose to practice for as long as you like – even if you only have 5 minutes a day.


Headspace is great for anyone from beginner to expert. It offers guided meditation exercises that last for about 10 minutes. You can download the free 10 session pack to see if this app is for you.

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The Buddhify app is particularly useful because it offers meditations that are centered around specific concerns, such as eating, sleeping, waking up or even traveling. If you find that you get very anxious at work, for example, you can choose the track that focuses on this stressor. There are almost 100 different meditations to pick from, so it is not going to be tough to find one that works for you.

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Calm is an app that is similar in many ways to Headspace and you can try it out with a 7 day free trial period. The paid version offers a 21-day program that aims at increasing your overall well being, including promoting better sleep. If you’re not into the meditation section of the app – or you want to change it up – you can also opt for the calming music offered by the app.

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Mindfulness App

This app boasts a variety of meditation tracks that range from 3 right up to 30 minutes. You can opt for the introductory version – just like Calm and Headspace – if you want to give it a go and see what it has to offer because you sign up for the paid version.

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Insight Timer

The Insight Timer app is completely free and offered more than 2000 meditations that will help you to find your inner calm. The best part of this particular app is that it allowed you to create your very own meditation via the app’s timer section. Using this feature, you can choose how long you want to meditate, what sounds you’d like playing and where you’d like the sounds to feature within the track. This is a user-friendly app that offers a great introduction to the world of meditation and relaxation.

insight timer app

Finding the right app to suit your needs is easy when you have so much variety to hand. No matter which one you opt for, be sure that you make it work for you.

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